CS 61B Data Structures, Spring 2016
Instructor: Josh Hug
Lecture: MWF 3-4 PM, Wheeler Auditorium
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Contact all the staff (instructor and TAs): cs61b (at) inst.eecs.berkeley.edu
Josh Hug
hug (at) cs.berkeley.edu
One time this happened.
Teaching Assistants
akhilbatra (at) berkeley.edu
SUP! I'm a CS and Econ double major in my final semester at Berkeley. I love computer graphics - both coding them and watching/playing them (games, 3D animation, and films!). I really want to have my name on the credits of some game or film before I'm 30 (Top choices are Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Assassin's Creed). I also love playing soccer (on IM team) and Tae Kwon Do (part of Berkeley's club). And to jump the bandwagon: I can't wait to meet you guys! :D
alanyao (at) berkeley.edu
Hey, I'm a fourth year EECS major. I enjoy improving my cooking, watching anime, traveling, and playing starcraft. During my time at Berkeley my class focus has been (in no particular order) on theory, CV, ML, and graphics; I will be a software engineer at Airbnb in September. Shown here is myself and ふうちゃん, at a bunny cafe in Asakusa.
Alice Sheng
axsheng (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! My name is Alice, and'm currently a 3rd year EECS major. In my free time, I generally enjoy playing games and watching anime. I look forward to a great semester with you all!
allenguo (at) berkeley.edu
Hey everyone! I'm a second-year CS major from Maryland. I'm interested in web development, theory, and machine learning (particularly for speech recognition). Last semester I was a TA for CS 61AS, so I'm always happy to chat about Scheme, recursion, or functional programming. Can't wait to meet you all!
Allen Zhu
allenzhu (at) berkeley.edu
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amitvakula (at) berkeley.edu
My name is Amit Akula and I am a senior majoring in Computer Science. I've taught this course as a TA twice before and am excited to be teaching it again. I strive to make teaching as interactive as possible so definitely expect some fun (if not slightly unorthodox) activities in my section. In my spare time I do research at UCSF and am a hall staff member for the Foothill residence hall. Feel free to ask me about that (or anything else CS related) during section or at office hours!
Anusha Ramakuri
anusha.ramakuri (at) berkeley.edu
Hi friends! I'm a fourth-year EECS major from the Bay Area and super into algorithms/artificial intelligence/machine learning. I'm also an artist, Warriors fan, and ice cream lover. I will probably tell really bad (aka good) puns in class and can't wait to meet you all! #EECSciting
austinhle (at) berkeley.edu
I'm a third-year EECS major interested in human-computer interaction, graphics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more specifically, how they can be applied to virtual reality. When I'm not caught up in the real world, I like to inhabit alternate online worlds (video games), watch anime, consume milk tea, and contemplate both the real and virtual worlds. I love meeting and getting to know new people, so don't hesitate to start a conversation with me about anything!
Carlos Flores
carlos.flrs (at) berkeley.edu
Hello, I'm a third-year CS major from Mexico. This is my first semester teaching 61B, I previously taught CS10 for two semesters. I'm really into podcasts my favorite one is The Joe Rogan Experience. I also like stand up comedy my two favorite comedians are Tom Segura and Bill Burr. Best TA review I've gotten: “Why does Carlos always have that mad dog face?” I tend to be friendly don't let that review misguide you.
Chris Jeng
op (at) berkeley.edu
Let's play Random, Unrelated Facts (one of my favorite icebreakers)! My most viewed YouTube video is Runescape Break-Up. I've fallen down two mountains. I now suffer from minor memory issues because of a concussion. I can't do flares but I can windmill. I consume large quantities of coconut water and Triscuits. I want this semester to be the best 61B semester ever! :)
dnguyen44 (at) berkeley.edu
Hey everyone! I'm Daniel. I'm a triple major in CS, Linguistics and Japanese with a Korean minor. My main focus in CS is in optimization and machine learning. When I'm not teaching, I love to listen to K-pop and to dance (always a great way to start a conversation with me). I'm excited to be able to spend another great semester teaching 61B and getting to know all of you!
Daniel Sochor
dansochor (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm a third-year Computer Science major from the Bay Area. I love all branches of computer science, but I'm especially interested in theory. In my free time, I like to run, swim, and set off fire alarms with my cooking. I'm also a political junkie, so I'm always happy to chat about the presidential primaries!
dennis (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! I'm a 4rd year studying CS. I like building web apps and am also interested in the intersection between art and technology, how one can supplement or even create the other. I'll be moving into a career in product management after graduation, so if that's what you're interested in, feel free to ask questions : )
Gilbert Ghang
gilbertghang (at) berkeley.edu
Hey! I'm Gilbert and I'm a fourth year EECS major from LA. When I'm not coding, I'm cooking, playing bass guitar, or fueling my coffee addiction. I'm excited for 61B and I hope you are too!
Giulio Zhou
giuliozhou (at) berkeley.edu
Hey everyone! My name is Giulio and I'm a fourth year CS major interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing trumpet/piano and trying out all kinds of new food places. Hope you guys are all looking forward to 61B!
Jim Ren
jim.x.ren (at) berkeley.edu
Greetings, Pepes~ I'm a 2nd year EECS major from Sugar Land, TX! I went to the same high school as KevJumba, Shaq O'Neal's daughter. In my free time, I like to browse dank memes and play eSport games: I'm currently deranking from LE in CS:GO due to school distractions, and I play League of Legends with housemates when we need to decide who will do the dishes or cut open the pineapples I purchased with my leftover meal points. If you find extra dank memes, holla me at ayylmao@berkeley.edu! If you are feelin' stressed, jus' know: You smart. You loyal. I appreciate you. Bless up. Another one.
Jimmy Lee
jlee604 (at) berkeley.edu
keo (at) cs.berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm a CS PhD student (my PhD research is on building systems that can analyze huge amounts of data). Talk to me if you're interested in doing research! When I'm not in Soda hall, I'm outdoors hiking or skiing or cycling.
Leo Colobong
lcolobong (at) berkeley.edu
Luise Valentin
luise.valentin (at) berkeley.edu
Hi there! My name is Luise, and I'm a third year CS major. I'm an international student from Denmark, and in my spare time I love to cook, run and play ultimate frisbee. CS 61B was the class that convinced me I wanted to major in CS, so I'm super excited to teach it and for a great semester with all of you!
nsrose (at) berkeley.edu
Hey, my name's Nick and I'm a third year CS major. I usually will be skiing, cooking, surfing, and sometimes I will be typing words on a computer to make things happen on the screen. I also love pranks, so be warned. In my free time, I run a small company called Packd that tells you how crowded the RSF and other campus places are.
ross.teixeira (at) berkeley.edu
Hey I'm Ross, a third year studying CS and enjoying it as much as everything in my life: a ton! I was raised on all Nintendo games, and I'm an avid collector of video game music. I also enjoy chess, frisbee and posting things on YouTube. Did I mention CS? Cause I love it, and you will too! P.S. I hid some easter eggs in the page, but you'll have to find them...
Rudy Laprade
rlaprade (at) berkeley.edu
Hi, I'm Rudy, a third-year EECS major from Florida, and yes, alligators do live in my backyard. I spend all my free time on League of Legends and maybe Starcraft too. Sometimes I play board games or even venture outside. I identify as an elephant, and I like to make chicken sounds and puns. It appears that I have been consumed by a cat.
sarahjkim (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I am a fourth year CS major who finds systems and compilers fascinating. I also enjoy sleeping, eating, designing websites, and spending time with family and friends (which usually involves eating). Feel free to ask me about courses, internships, succeeding in 61B, etc. This is my fifth (and last) time TAing for CS 61B, so let's have a grand time!
sean.zhu (at) berkeley.edu
Hi there! I'm a fourth year CS major dabbling in a bit of everything, including graphics, education, puns, open source, hip hop dance, and pop music. I like to keep myself busy – I do stuff for Tumblr, the Daily Cal, and some student groups on campus – and as such I've unknowingly also become an expert at staying up late. I love meeting all kinds of people, so come say hi!
sniyaz (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! My name is Sherdil, and I'm a third-year EECS major. I hail from Fremont, CA, a city most famous for being the place that BART ends. The vices chewing up my free time include anime, gaming, and political debates. I am also lacking in any and all social inhibition.
Yeseon Lee
yeseon (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! I'm an EECS major from the Bay Area. I enjoy sweet desserts and sad songs on rainy days. I also like ambiguous sentences. I'm looking forward to meeting you all - don't be afraid to say hello! I'm not as scary as I look :)
Alex Jing
jing.haonan.18 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi, I'm Alex, a second year CS major. I really enjoyed 61b because for most people it's where the fun part starts after 61a and before the infamous 70 and 61c duo blow your mind. Outside academics, I enjoy running and cooking. Hope we will have a wonderful 61b trip together!
y.zhang (at) berkeley.edu
Hey folks! I'm Andy Zhang, a second-year studying EECS. I'm also a TA for EE 16A! In my free time, I like to sing very loudly, eat seafood, go on long hikes, and think about being Canadian. I never lose when I play League of Legends with my housemates when we need to decide who will do the dishes or cut open the pineapples Jim buys with his leftover meal points. Cheers.
Bhuvana Bellala
bbella1 (at) berkeley.edu
Hey guys! I am a first grad student in the School of Information. My favorite fruits are blueberries and my spirit animal is a turtle. I like to think I am sassy but my best friend tell me I should stop trying. Excited to be tutoring and to meet you all!
Colby Guan
colbyguan (at) berkeley.edu
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Daniel Khasanov
daniel.khasanov (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! My name is Daniel, I'm a second year EECS student at UC Berkeley, and I love CS! Outside of school, I like to cook, read, hang out, and troll around on the internet. I'm really excited to Tutor for CS61B, and I hope I can help you have a great semester!
Dasheng Chen
dasheng (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! I am a fourth year CS major student. I love to play guitar and tennis. Last summer I was intern at Amazon. After this semester, I will be working at eBay as a full-time software engineer.
Hayden Sheung
haydensheung (at) berkeley.edu
Ball was lyfe. Anime was lyfe. Swiping (and getting swiped) right was lyfe. But now, code is DA lyfe. 61B was my favorite class out of the 61 series, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did! P.S. Some people really do think I look like LeBron, whatcha think?
Jared Rulison
rulison (at) berkeley.edu
HI! I'm a Junior EECS major interested in machine learning. Last Summer I interned at Google in Machine Intelligence Research and next Summer I'll be interning on the Twitch video team! In my spare time I like singing, playing guitar, and collecting vinyl. Always down to play smash.
Jennifer Liang
jenliang (at) berkeley.edu
Hi, I'm a third year computer science and cognitive science major. I really like dogs, and if you email me you'll find I'm just as friendly as a dog! Seriously, I'd love to chat about anything, anytime.
Julian Early
jearly (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! I am a EECS second year from Berkeley (Yes, this Berkeley, the Berkeley we go to school in). When I am withering away at the wee hours of the morning attempting to debug code that is due in under 24 hours, I enjoy productive hobbies such as: reddit, DoTA2, and Hearthstone. During breaks I love to travel and take photographs.
Khalid Shakur
khalidshakur (at) berkeley.edu
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Laura Harker
lharker (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! I'm a 3rd year CS and Applied Math major from Southern California. My non-CS-related interests include music (I'm in two choirs on campus), making various types of cookies (yummy), and reading (especially sci-fi, so hit me up with any recommendations). CS61B was my favorite lower div, and I hope you all have a spectacular semester.
Matthew Mussomele
mmussomele (at) berkeley.edu
Hello everyone, I'm Matt, a second year EECS major from Maryland. I like a lot of things, from eating to sleeping to exercise to video games and beyond, but most of all, I love Computer Science! I'm really excited for this coming semester; CS61B was and still is my favorite class I've taken and I hope you find it as fun as I did!
Maurice Lee
mglee72 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm a second year CS major and I am interested in a lot of things (but not necessarily good at): learning new things, web development, embedded software development, iOS/Android app development, machine learning, playing guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone. However, my secret passion lies with Chipotle burritos and old school music (Earth, Wind & Fire anybody?). Nice to meet you all :)
Megan Zhu
meganz (at) berkeley.edu
Hi all! I'm Megan, a second year CS major student here at Berkeley. In my free time I like drawing, eating food, and playing League of Legends. I'm excited to meet all of you; let's have a great semester together!
Michael Aboody
mikeaboody (at) berkeley.edu
Hey all! I'm a second year CS major from New Jersey. I do research in machine learning and security here at Cal under Professor Wagner (and I use tons of data structures in it)! Last semester, I was an office hours TA for CS61A and I helped run a club you should totally check out called Computer Science Mentors. Outside of CS, I love hiking, biking, and music.
Mitas Ray
mitas.ray (at) berkeley.edu
Hey, I'm Mitas, a second year EECS student from North Carolina. I like to play and watch basketball and football in my spare time. I also enjoy trying different foods and watching interesting movies. 61B was one of my favorite classes, and I hope to help you enjoy it as much as I did.
Myung-Geun Chi
mgchi (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! My name is MG Chi, and I am a third year EECS student. I am particularly interested in machine learning and big data. During my free time, I like to listen to music and take pictures.
Raquel Layug
raquel0508 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! I'm a third-year CS major who has recently had a particular interest in improving Internet architecture and operations/support roles. I enjoy dragon boating, Polynesian dancing, watching anime, trying new types of food, and volunteering. One of my goals in life is to "be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." - Unknown. I hope you all have a great semester, and I hope to help you succeed in this class and beyond. :)
r.zhao (at) berkeley.edu
I'm a 4th year EECS major from Sunnyvale. I like CS, badminton, and not much else.
cat (at) berkeley.edu
Hey everyone! I'm a cat.
Tara Rezvani
tara.rezvani (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm 3rd year CS & CogSci Major. This is my 4th semester as a reader for the class! Outside of 61B-ing I like to paint, watch Grey's Anatomy and hang out with friends. Looking forward to a great semester!